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Herd Sires:

Heartstone E064:

This son of Heartstone C060 on a Pathfinder cow represents five generations of Heartstone genetics ranked in the top 10% of the breed for DMI. His pedigree includes some of the best examples of female productivity and female longevity we have produced.

This bull weighed 64 pounds at birth, had a weaning weight of 650 with a ratio of 116 in his contemporary group. He continued this growth with a yearling weight of 1112, and a ratio of 111. His first calves were all born unassisted, with a birth ratio of 98, and his calves retained in the herd have met a strict set of performance and temperament criteria.

Real Numbers: BW: 64, WW: 650, YW: 1112

Heartstone Hawkeye 4X E033:

Certified Angus Beef. This bull has a stacked feed efficiency lineage. His paternal lineage traces back to our Heartstone Hawkeye U413 and our Heartstone Linebacker V856. Both of these grandsires were high ranking in DMI with Hawkeye U413 in the top 2% and Linebacker V856 in the top 10%. His maternal lineage is also high ranking in DMI. His dam ranks in the top 1% for 2020 and his granddam and great-granddam are in the top 3% for DMI. E033 himself ranks in the top 15% for both DMI and Marbling. He also ranks in the top 10% for SC.

Real Numbers: BW: 60, WW: 635, YW: 1128

Heartstone ND Purpose F004:

A Buford All Purpose son. This bull ranks in the top 4% for Birth Weight, top 5% for DMI, top 10% for Calving ease direct, and top 15% for Calving Ease Maternal.

Real Numbers: BW: 71, WW: 615, YW: 1194

Gardens Granite U53:

Certified Angus Beef. This bull ranks in the top 5% for marbling. He also ranks in the top 10% for $G, $B, and $C.

Real Numbers: BW: 75, WW: 510, YW: 1187

Heartstone Typhoon G108:

Certified Angus Beef. This is an AI son of Gardens Tsunami I36 who is a proven calving ease bull. He ranks in the top 1% for DMI and top 10% for marbling.

Real Numbers: BW: 62, WW: 592, YW: 908

Gardens Econ V032:

Certified Angus Beef. This bull as a yearling set the record at Green Garden LLC with a feed to gain ratio of 2.46 in 2019 and ranks in the top 1% for DMI. He is also top 5% for marbling.

Real Numbers: BW: 73, WW: 642, YW: 1096

B3R A102 96 B/R Nw Dsgn Y082:

This product of Bradley genetics includes the rare and sought-after New Design 323. He weighed 66 pounds at birth (ratio 99), while going on to wean at 573 (ratio 108) and post a yearling weight of 1093 (ratio 105).

He ranks in the top 25% for BW. His genomic ranking for DMI is 4%. He was one of the top 5 selling bulls in the 2014 Bradley Wide Body sale and is owned in partnership with Bradley 3 Ranch Ltd., and Hartzog Angus Cattle.

Real Numbers: BW: 66, WW: 541, YW: 1142

Gardens Bric T450:

Certified Angus Beef. This bulls ranks in the top 4% for Marbling and top 10% for DMI.

Real Numbers: BW: 78, WW: 568, YW: 1060

Heartstone LTD Edition F029:

This is a son of Heartstone C060 and traces back to Heartstone Linebacker V856. He ranks in the top 2% for DMI, the top 30% for RADG and the top 5% for SC.

His real numbers: BW: 60 lbs WW: 679 lbs YW: 1198 lbs

AI Sires

Gardens Tsunami I36:

Certified Angus Beef. Gardens Tsunami I36 was the #2 active sire in the breed for DMI in 2018. He is our slam dunk Calving Ease sire and sits in the Top 1% for DMI, 2% for marbling and $QG, Top 3% for Birth. We have used this AI sire extensively over the past two years, on both heifers and cows. The calves are born easily and are of moderate frame.

He has produced numerous sons that have ratioed 3.6:1 feed to gain or better on test at Hays Beef Development Center in Kansas. Their progeny has gone on to rank all Choice or Prime.

Gardens Econ:

This bull is a grandson of Gardens Tsunami, who ranks in the top 1% for DMI, the top 2% for Marbling and the top 3% for $G. Like his grandsire, Econ ranks extremely well in DMI (top 2%), Marbling (top 1%), and $G (top 1%).

Past Genetics

Heartstone C060:

One of only 5 bulls in the breed to rank in the top 1% for both RADG and DMI (2017-2019). After a birth weight of 67 pounds, he posted a WW of 829 (ratio 130) and continued this explosive growth with a YW of 1199 (ratio 129). From his first calf crop, he had 8 daughters in the top 50 of the breed for DMI. He is the fourth generation of Heartstone genetics ranked in the top 5% of the breed for DMI. His untimely death makes these genetics exceedingly rare.

Real Numbers: BW: 67, WW: 829, YW: 1199

Heartstone Linebacker V856:

Certified Angus Beef

Heartstone Hawkeye U413:

This bull was in the top 2% for DMI. He was the product of BR Midland and one of our most dependable dams. His dam came from North Dakota as a yearling and became one of our most efficient cows. She has been with the herd for 15 years (as of 2020) and has consistently raised high quality bull calves every year.