Grass-Fed Beef

At Heartstone Angus, we have always been committed to sustainable ranching. We are driven to produce the most nutritious beef possible without the use of grain, anti-biotics, or hormones.

We know the best beef comes from grass-fed cattle on rangeland.

Our cattle graze on 24,000 acres of deeded and permitted public land year-round with supplementation of protein during drier seasons.

How to Reserve Your Order

If you are ready to place your order, you can request an order form to be sent to you via email or mail. You can also place an order over the phone at (575) 313-4028.


There is no need to worry about shipping. We deliver your orders to your door! After the dry-aging process (21-days), our butcher will cut and package your beef order in paper and we will pick it up for delivery to your home. Payment is due upon delivery.

How Much Beef to Expect in Your Order

The general rule of thumb for carcass beef of an animal under 30 months is: 25% of bone and trim loss, 25% roasts, 25% steaks, and 25% ground beef.

For an animal older than 30 months the expected beef is: ⅔ ground beef and ⅓ steaks and roasts.

The packaged take home beef weight for an animal less than 30 months is approximately 40% of the animal’s live weight, or 75% of the hot carcass weight (HCW). *Hot carcass weight is the unchilled weight of the animal after the removal of the head and organs. In the first 48 hours after harvest, there is typically 1-2% shrinkage. This is due to moisture loss. During the 21-day dry-aging process the carcass will shrink a total of 4%-6% from the original beef product.

Quality and Yield Grading

Quality grading predicts the palatability and eating quality of the beef. This grading system sorts carcasses into uniform groups. They are described as prime, choice, select, standard, commercial, utility, cutter and canner. These are determined by maturity and marbling of the animal. The more marbling, the better quality the beef. As the animal’s age increases, the quality grade begins to decline.

(Prof. Neil Burcham, NMSU)

For more information please download our info packet here or visit us at our contact page.