Cattle Sales

Private Treaty

Between December 1st-15th we invite buyers to come view and select their next herd sires.

Each August after weaning we select our best bull calves to keep for yearlings. We have been stacking generations of productive genetics in our herd. As a result, our herd ranks high in the breed for feed efficiency and succeeds under harsh range conditions with minimal input.

The bull calves are put on a feed ration in Deming, NM to balance protein and energy so they will gain approximately 3 pounds per day.


Registration papers, EPDs, performance data and current weights will be available for your information. Payment is not due until bulls have passed their BSE and Trich tests.

We would be happy to have any bulls remain at the ranch, at no extra cost, through the beginning of March until they pass their tests. We can also arrange to bring any bulls to our Ready for Work bull sale in Belen, NM, for pick up the weekend before our sale, which is the second Monday of March.

Our Selection of bulls depends on this criteria:

    • Low Birthweight

We do not retain bull calves with a birthweight higher than 80 pounds. We select bull calves that will make ideal heifer bulls as yearlings.

Our herd average is typically in the 60-70-pound range.

    • Genetics

We have spent years cultivating our genetics to succeed in tough terrain. Therefore, this always plays a role in our decisions at weaning. View our genetics here

  • Weaning Weight
  • We strive for our dams to wean a minimum of 50% of their body weight. Majority of our dams average between 1000-1200 pounds. We keep 500+ pounds calves at weaning.

    We also consider ADG to indicate rate of growth from birthweight to weaning weight. Low gaining calves are not retained since they will require more input to grow, while other calves can gain well in our tough conditions, making them the superior choice.

    Contact us to receive an invitation to our next private treaty sale

    This is our largest annual bull sale held every year for the last 15 years in Belen, NM with two co-signing ranches for registered black Angus bulls.

    Sale Date: March 11, 2024

    Cattlemens Livestock Auction

    19543 NM-314, Belen, NM 87002

    (505) 864-7451

    Willcox Bull Sale

    Wilcox Sale Date: February, 2024

    Willcox Livestock Auction Inc.

    1020 N Haskell Ave, Willcox, AZ 85643

    (520) 384-2206

    Contact us for availability of commercial cattle for sale.