“The mountains are my bones; the rivers are my veins. The songs of the Earth write the music of my soul.” -Unknown.

It is our belief that we should leave the Earth better than we found it. One of our objectives at C Bar Ranch is to do just that. In our commitment to sustainable ranching, we follow guidelines for range management that balance the needs of both our cattle and the resources of the land. This is accomplished by avoiding over-grazing and maintaining a herd size suitable to range conditions. However, in the southwest, this can be a challenge, between long droughts and diminishing monsoon seasons.

Over the years, we have completed many reclamation projects to fight erosion issues caused by old farmlands and previous sweeping monsoons and reintroduce habitats for native animals and plants that have been diminished or eliminated due to droughts and overgrazing. As a result of those projects, we have been recognized for award-winning land stewardship, habitat, and rangeland improvement by the New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts in 2015. We also received the Excellence in Range Management Award from the New Mexico Section of the Society of Range Management in 2013.

Our reclamation projects to date have consisted of:

  • 100+ acres of fenced habitat areas
  • 12,000+ native plantings
  • 800+ pole plantings
  • 60+ dams and terraces
  • And thousands of hours of work…

All of these projects have been completed personally by our family in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services: Office of Natural Resources Trustee and Partners for Wildlife.

We welcome visitors to C Bar Ranch!

Pollinator Habitat

Pole Plantings Before

Pole Plantings After